Cathy Seipp was a coward who tried to hurt other people regardless of their age, rank or serial number.

She proudly told the story of how she tried to intimidate students at her own daughter's school--not caring
what effect this could have.

"My war with Anus Noballs"

"I had a run-in yesterday with a loutish 15-year-old boy at Maia's school. He enjoys lounging with his
friends on the stairwell but does not enjoy moving his lazy carcass when people need to go up the stairwell.
Yesterday he actually refused to get out of the way, mumbling something about why he didn’t see why he
had to."

Me: “Because, you tiny asshole, even though you’re going to end up working at McDonald’s when you grow
up, you’ll still be expected to have some manners.”

Him: “Uh-uh! My future is in ROCK MUSIC, ma’am! You’re gonna be buying my CDs, MA’AM!”

Me: “I got news for you – there’s not a market for air-guitar CDs.”

Cathy Seipp is just so brave and clever--taking on a 15-year-old with profanity, humiliating her own
daughter at her own school--and then sharing it with everybody