Cyberbully/Cyberstalker Jackie Danicki has decided to attack a hard working Denver police officer even posting
his name to defame him.

She writes publicly:

"That’s what you can expect if you have the misfortune of  Denver cop Patrick Hayden being dispatched to the
scene of your accident."

"Imagine being hit by a car, only for the police to take forever to show up, then give you a hard time about
wanting to file a report."

She then further belittles him:

"The cop doesn’t so much as offer you a seat in his warm backseat as he takes 30 minutes to chat on his cell
phone and fill in forms while you stand waiting in the cold for a half hour."

She then shows her contempt towards all police officers:

"Denver’s finest? I sure hope not."

This cyberbully has no respect for the law.

Fox News Announces

Fox News/Cathy Seipp Memorial Cyberbullying Award.

Jackie Danicki To Be Honored

With Very First Award.

Fox News has announced the creation of the

Fox News/Cathy Seipp Memorial Cyberbullying Award

in honor of the woman who spent the last 5 years of her

life libeling, slandering and defaming innocent people

on the Internet. (

The first ever honor will go to cyberbully and cyberstalker Jackie Danicki.

Seipp's daughter, Maia Lazar, who used to team up with her mom to attack

everybody they came in contact with, had this to say:

“My mom would be proud that Fox News has created this special

award to honor what she did best. We spent much time considering

who would be the first recipient of this special honor. We had to find

somebody who could meet the special requirements. The person had to be

a liar; somebody that twists and distorts reality and somebody who

uses the Internet to libel, slander and defame innocent people.

Jackie Danicki clearly met all the standards for this special honor.”

Fox News/News Corp. will also present Jackie Danicki with a set of unique phones

that will allow her to start hacking into her victims' voice mail and will provide her

with $100,000. to bribe law enforcement officials for confidential information

on the people she regularly attacks.

Maia Lazar added, “When mom and I used to libel and slander everybody on

the Internet, it was 'journalism.' When anybody wrote about us, it

was despicable. When mom and I used to mock and ridicule everybody

on the Internet, it was 'clever' and 'witty.' When anybody would make fun

of us, it was 'reprehensible.'”

Commenting on Jackie Danicki--the winner of the new award, Fox News/News Corp.

Criminal-In-Chief Rupert Murdoch said, “Do you really want this woman around your

clients? Do you really want this woman around your children? Around your pets?

Around your bedbugs?”